Insatiable Cocksucker

I’ve always been an insatiable cocksucker with exceptional deepthroat skills.

The Boy Around the Block

When I was fifteen, I became friends with a twelve year old boy named “Rudy”, who had already been friends with another boy from school, which was how I was introduced to Rudy.  Rudy was of Italian descent with a somewhat olive complexion, buzzed jet black hair, blue/green eyes, slender and much to my surprise, a humongous cock for someone his age…seriously, it was almost 9″ long and pretty damn wide.

How I came to find this out about him, I first must tell you about what got us to that point.  I met our mutual friend who I grew up with and went to school with named Jay.

Jay was not one of my favorite peers as he tended to copy things I did and at that age, something like that was totally offensive (today I could give a shit).  Still, on the day I was introduced to Rudy, I had been terribly bored, so I joined Jay in going to the house where he lived, which was just around on the next corner up from where my parents’ house is.  He lived with his grandmother.  I kinda sat there and watched them both goof off, but I just wanted to chill and not really get too involved.   That is, until one of them started a food fight in Rudy’s bedroom and the three of us grabbed things from the fridge, took them back to Rudy’s bedroom and hand quite a food fight, with things smeared all over the walls and ground into the carpet.  Boy, was Rudy’s grandmother pissed the next morning!  Yeah, Jay and I ended up spending the night.  So that next morning, I offered to stay and help Rudy clean up while Jay went home.  Rudy’s grandma went back to bed after she yelled at us for what seemed like hours.

Rud1As we were cleaning Rudy’s bedroom, Rudy said “Hey Mitch”.  I looked up from what I was cleaning and Rudy had his dick out and was waving it back and forth and giggling.  Despite his adolescent display of his cock, I wanted to suck it.  It was funny, because Rudy asked, “Do you wanna suck it?”

I nodded and Rudy paused a moment, not expecting that answer. Still, he walked over to where I was kneeling on the floor and pointed his hardening cock right in my face.  It wasn’t fully hard yet and it was already so big!  Still, I did my best to get as much of that cock into my mouth as possible.  Rudy was quiet the entire time and I sucked and sucked.  He whacked me on the back of the head a couple of times with his hand and said…”Teeth”…like I said, he had a fat cock so it wasn’t easy sucking him and not having my teeth be in the way.  So, I widened my mouth more to the point where my jaw ached, but that wasn’t going to stop me.  After a long time of sucking his cock, he wasn’t able to cum, so he had me stop.

Rud2I started visiting him frequently and we’d hang out for a bit.  Then, when he knew his grandmother was napping, or if she went to the grocery store or elsewhere, he’d unzip his baggy jeans, pull his cock out from the hole in his boxer shorts and he’d sit back and let me work his cock with my mouth.  This happened quite a lot for a period of time.  He only actually came one of those times, which was a feat to me and I swallowed every drop.  He tried to cum quietly, but the look on his face as he came was what made me happy.


He did try once to fuck me in the ass, but after pushing about half of it into my ass, my asshole started bleeding and it hurt like a son of a bitch.  So, he pulled out and stopped.  He then stuck his cock in my mouth and had me suck him a while.

After a time, we’d both agreed that we had our fill of fun together, but it was time to move on.  He ended up dating a good friend of mine, “Sandy” who I’d known since kindergarten.  I used to want to laugh because I had done more with Rudy than she had.  But I never have been about exposing guys by any means.

I still think about him from time-to-time and wonder how he’s doing.  Good times, good times.


My freshman year of high school was a nightmare from being “hazed” and bullied so much and I ended up switching to another high school for sophomore year.  There, I met a guy named “Stuart” and we were both sophomores.  He had somewhat greasy jet black hair, pale skin and a bit of an acne problem, but even so the way he carried himself was quite arousing.

post2aWe hung out all the time and eventually we’d stay the weekend either at my parents’ house or his mom’s apartment.  We didn’t have porn to look at of our own, but we did have some heavy conversations about  sex, mostly about girls he’d fucked or wanted to fuck.  He slept in his briefs, which I thought was great since I like guys with briefs.  Stuart being a straight guy, I was surprised when he let me run my fingers lightly over his neck and massage the hair on his head, but he liked how it made him shiver.  He also had no problem with jerking off in the same room as me.

Eventually, he let me suck his cock.  He covered me though with the sleeping bag he slept in for overnight stays.  I didn’t care, I got to suck his cock!  He really enjoyed it, too, judging by his heavy breathing and how hard he would cum (in my mouth).

One weekend, his mom went away and I stayed over there.  We ended up inviting friends from school over and he had gotten someone to buy beer and wine coolers for us.  After some hours of drinking, most of the friends left.  There were only two others there who were wrapped up in a conversation with each other, so they didn’t notice when Stuart went into the bathroom and asked me to go with him.

post2Naturally, I followed him into the bathroom.  He had me lock the door.  He got naked and ran bath water and then he climbed in.  He asked me if I’d soap him down.  Of course I said yes and I knelt down on the floor beside the tub and with my hands I worked soap all over his body.  After that, he took me by the back of the head and pulled my head down to his cock, stopping right before I’d be able to take it into my mouth, but he said to me, “Open your mouth.”

So, I did and then a couple of seconds later he was pissing into my open mouth!  He said, “Swallow it…drink it.”  It was so strange and unusual to me, I’d never thought about drinking piss before, but I practically worshiped Stuart back then, so did whatever he wanted.  I gulped it all down gladly and then he had me suck his cock.  That night, however, he wasn’t really able to keep himself hard due to all the beer he drank earlier.  I think he’d had a couple of shots from his mom’s liquor cabinet, too.  I didn’t care, I just liked his cock in my mouth.

I went back to my original high school the following year because it seemed the harassment from peers didn’t stop just because I’d switched schools.  So I figured that I might as well go back to the school close to home, since I hated riding the bus to the other school.  Things actually got better for my Junior and Senior years after i started going to parties and I changed my look from preppie sweaters and dockers to flannel shirts, t-shirts and jeans.

Stuart actually ended up moving to Missouri to live with his dad the summer after our Sophomore year and we lost touch.  Still, they were some great memories.




The First Grown Man

The first grown man I had done anything with was someone I met one night when I was 14 and I snuck out my bedroom window late one night, because well…I wanted cock!  I carefully and quietly opened my bedroom window, removed the screen and got myself out.  I left through the back gate and before I knew it, I was walking the dark streets of the neighborhood.  I walked down to this small town center which was just minutes from the house.  Everything was closed except for a dive bar and restaurant.  I decided to go over to where the small grocery store was and sit by the payphone and see what would happen.  I wasn’t quite sure as to what I was doing, or what to expect, but I certainly was adventurous.

So, after about an hour or so of sitting there, one man walked out of the bar…he was a bit tipsy, but when he walked past me, I said, “Hello”.

flannelmanHe stopped and looked at me, a bit puzzled.  “Hi….what’re…what’re you doin’ hangin’ out here by yourself at this hour?”  Even though he was a little sauced, I still thought he was hot.  He was probably about 6′ and kinda skinny, wearing black jeans that were faded, a red and black flannel shirt and a t-shirt under it.  He had a mustache and a beard growing out and the dark brown hair on his head was somewhat messy, but sexy.  He was somewhere in his 40’s.

I replied, “Oh….I’m just bored.  I’m looking for something to ‘do’.”  and  then I let him see me look at him up and down, stopping momentarily at his crotch, before looking back up at his face.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, curiously.

“I’d like to give some good head.”  I replied and when I did, I felt a rush of adrenaline move through me.  I couldn’t believe I had just said that and to a grown man who I didn’t know.  Still, I did like doing things that were off the grid and how else would I achieve my goals if I didn’t speak up?

He then chuckled slightly and squeezed his crotch and said, “Ooooh, I like good head.”

I was getting really excited now…was I really going to get to suck a grown man’s cock?  Mind you, I had no clue back then that there were laws against adults and minors having sex.   There was no internet and there were no sex offender websites.  It also wasn’t something you heard about in the news or talked about around the neighborhood.

“Where can we go?”  I asked him.

He looked around staggering somewhat.  Then he pointed to a condominium complex that was still being built.  “How about there?” he asked.

I shrugged and said, “Sure!”

So, we walked across the street to the condo complex and went into the unfinished garage area where it was totally dark.  I sat down on a stack of cement slabs and he walked up closer to me.  I couldn’t wait to start sucking his cock.  He wreaked of whiskey and cigarettes, but that didn’t matter to me.  He stood there and let me open the fly of his jeans and pull his cock out of his boxer shorts.  I took his soft cock into my mouth and I smelled his natural, musky scent as I sucked it and nuzzled into his pubic hair with my nose.   I could hear him breath heavier as he began getting hard and I worked my mouth up and down on his cock.  It was average in size, but I liked that because my mouth wasn’t cramping up.

twinky“Oooooh yeah baby, that feels real good…” he said somewhat breathlessly as his hand went onto the back of my head and he started to pump my mouth.  I was really enjoying this and I sucked him with enthusiasm.  It was about 5 minutes and then he held my head in place and let out a quiet and long groan of pleasure as I felt his cock twitch and he spurted his hot cum into my mouth.  It was a bit acidy, but I gulped it down like a pro until he decided to pull out.

I looked up at him with a smile and said, “Thank you.”

He chuckled a bit as he zipped his jeans back up and replied, “Oh, thank YOU!”  and then he quietly slipped outside and I sat there for a moment, totally satisfied at what I just did.  I then sat back a little and unzipped my own jeans and pulled my cock out of my briefs and I jerked off until I climaxed…and what do you know…I actually came!  I guess what had just happened turned me on so much, I actually squirted something out!   That in itself was a thrill tome.

Something told me that sneaking out of the house at night was going to be something I’d be doing again very soon.  There was no doubt in my mind…I loved cock and I loved to please a man.  I could hardly imagine what the future had in store.