The Beginning

I first began liking other guys when puberty began.  It was 1984 and I was eleven years old and getting erections, which I loved to touch and rub. I’d get so excited and then start to climax, although at the start I’d “dry cum”.  I did it whenever I got the chance. I didn’t know about sex and my parents never talked about it with me.  All I knew was that these incredible sensations were happening and I wanted more.

My very first experience was interesting.  Like I said, I was eleven and a friend from school of the same age, “Drake” spent the night at my parents’ house and we setup a tent in the backyard so we could have a camp-style stay-over.  It was in the morning that Drake was behind me, both of us on our sides and through our sweatpants, he was rubbing his boner against my ass.  It made me get hard, too and I was backing up so he could feel me press into his erection.  Neither of us said a word, but we did it quite a few times.  It was really early in the morning, so we had plenty of time to do this new and exciting activity before my parents woke up.  Drake sure liked doing it to me.

However, it only happened that one time and he and I never spoke of it again.

3a3b371e75224c4306c1fe30927ec4b3The following year, I was with my buddy “Craig” after school and we went to his mom’s house.  She’d be at work until later on and so he and I would watch TV or listen to some rock music and act like goofy kids.  But then Craig introduced something to me…sucking cock.  At first he just pulled his cock out of his jeans…he had bits of fuzzy red hair above his cock, the same color as the hair on his head.  He was very light complected, as gingers usually are.  Anyway, he started showing me a couple of dirty magazines he’d snagged from his dad’s house.  The magazines showed men and women going at it and Craig was especially pointing out the pictures of men getting blowjobs.  So then, he asked if I’d like to do the same to him.  I admit, I was eager and jumped on the chance, as now that I had seen those magazines, I wanted to do to Craig what the women were doing to the men in them.  First Craig started by French kissing me, which made my heart race and I could have done that forever.  Then, Craig would thumb through the two porn magazines and I  knelt down on the kitchen floor as he sat by the table.  I took his cock into my mouth and started going up and down on it, not sure if I was doing it right.  Craig seemed to be enjoying it and it wasn’t long until he started to orgasm, however he was already producing cum and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and came all over my face and chest.    It didn’t really bother me that after he came, that was that…but only for that day. The next day he invited me again to do the same.  Only this time he also sucked my cock.  I had a dry orgasm, but it still felt so good!

He and I would do  this often, either at his mom’s house, or at my parents’ house since at the time both my parents were working.  At the time, I’d always be so scared mom would come home early and see what we were doing.  Sometimes on a Saturday I’d spend the night with him his dad’s house and Craig and I would stay in the camper that was parked in the driveway to “pretend we were on a road trip”, but really it was for privacy.   One thing I admit is that I secretly had the hots for his dad, who was always walking around in a t shirt and white briefs.  I liked looking at his basket in those briefs.  He was gray haired and had a beard, kinda short and stocky.  Wore glasses.

tumblr_mbdkmi2xxh1rudlc3o1_1280Craig and I also went to places like by where there were some abandoned train tracks where it was pretty isolated.  I remember I found a playing card that said “Swedish Erotica” near the tracks.  The face of the card was the 3 of hearts and there was a picture of a man with a huge cock sitting in a wicker chair and a woman was sucking him off.  I kept that in my wallet and I’d lock myself in the bathroom at home and jerk off to it so many times.  Sadly, I had lost the card somehow, but even today I can still see it so clearly.

Craig eventually talked me into taking his cock in my ass.  As he explained it to me, “Well, you can push a big poop out, so why couldn’t you have a big dick go in?”  It seemed like good reasoning.  What happened next I wasn’t prepared for, but due to his not knowing what he was doing exactly, my ass hurt like a motherfucker when he stuck his cock into it with just the saliva that had come from my mouth sucking it.   He said it wouldn’t last and he kept jamming his cock into my virgin asshole.  I was biting into my arm as I felt the pain of him sodomizing me until a short time later when he popped his nut into my butthole.  I felt so weird after, kinda sore, very violated and yet somehow very aroused by the whole thing.  He didn’t fuck me again for a while, but each time it hurt, but I’d try to stay quiet, as I did want him to do it to me.  After a while, I did get more used to it.

We fooled around until we were to begin high school in 1987 and we ended up going to different high schools and ultimately lost touch.

But that is when my naughty adventures really began as I was on a mission, mostly to suck cock and have sex with older, grown men rather than another boy from school.  Hey, I didn’t know then that there were laws against me having sex with grown men!  I’m sure they were aware , but the ones I messed around with didn’t mind, but they did always tell me to keep it between us and I always did.  Hell, I would want more if it were possible!  Most of my experiences during those young teen years were one-time only occurrences, but I always seemed to find it in one place or another.  I used to sneak out my bedroom window at night and walk around the neighborhood and down to the town center down the street that had a bar open at night.

Anyway, I’ll get on with that in my next post.  Until next time…