I’m going to go by the name of “Mitch” in my online memoirs, so that those who love me and care for me won’t be bothered by neigh sayers asking what the hell is wrong with me and how I had become such a dirty slut…I’m a gay man in my mid-40’s who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.   I came out of the closet officially at age 19, but my sexual experiences began to happen long before then.  Although I grew up in the area containing a huge gay population, I was still bullied a lot in school, got beaten, harassed, ridiculed and made to feel pretty low.

To me, sex with men always felt natural, it felt right…being gay was not a choice I made…it was and is a part of what makes me…me.  I love erotica in its many forms.  I am not into anyone underage by any means, although when I was quite young I was always on the prowl  looking for fun with grown men.

I’ve had countless experiences which I will share over time, all of them are 100% real and were events in my life, for which I have no regrets whatsoever.  I absolutely LOVE men…I think they are outstanding, beautiful creatures just as they are, in their own natural, sexual and aroused state of being.  I am what one might call a “Phallicist”, or, “Phallic Worshiper”.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or wish to share your own experiences with me.

In these memoirs, I have changed all names of people I’ve had sexual relations with as a means to protect their privacy, especially since some of them are married, or live a straight lifestyle.  My only desires in life is to build men up and not tear them down.  Also, I am going to have to post my experiences out of exact chronological order, as many times I remember them out of order.

If you’ve come here to judge…don’t waste your time.  I only respond to those who deserve to be given a response.  Haters can go hate somewhere else.